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Government Relations


I. The 2018 Report on the Economic Impact of the Canadian RV Industry

II. Local Advocacy Tips and Tools



I. 2018 Report on the Economic Impact of the Canadian RV Industry

2018 Economic Impact Report – full report

Executive Summary




Recreation vehicles are an iconic sight during Canadian summers as they carry vacationers from coast to coast. This popular pastime has a considerable economic impact; the manufacturing, purchasing, servicing and use of recreation vehicles contributes billions – both directly and indirectly – to the Canadian economy each year.

In 2017, the economic activity generated by the RV industry is considerable and multi‐faceted, RV sector generated an estimated 66,000 jobs and delivered $4.7 billion in added value to the Canadian economy from an initial expenditure of $6.1 billion in 2017.


Of the aggregate Canadians spending, $1.7 billion was spent for storage, insurance and accessories, and $3.3 billion on various goods and services while travelling throughout Canada in 2017.

Of these $3.3 billion, $3.1 billion was spent by RV owners and $232 million was spent by RV renters. This spending generates a significant benefit to local municipalities, the provincial/territorial economies, as well as spread more broadly across Canada at the federal level.


Overall, RV sector expenditures generated $9.0 billion in economic activity and have created full-time years of employment for Canadians across the country.

Moreover, the Canadian RV industry was a significant driver of tax revenues, with total taxes supported by the industry totaling $1.9 billion to municipal, provincial and national governments,in the form of personal tax, corporate tax, and other taxes.


II. Local Advocacy Tips and Tools


The future of RVing in Canada depends on our political decision-makers understanding the integral contribution RVing makes in Canada's tourism industry. The better policy-makers understand the role of RVing in tourism and the economy, the more likely they will make decisions that have a positive impact on the RV industry.

While national advocacy initiatives are having a positive effect on making changes beneficial to the RV industry, there is a great power in grassroots lobbying. Members of Parliament and your provincial, regional and local government representatives will give an ear to what voters have to say. You can support national RVDA of Canada advocacy efforts and also give voice to concerns in your own riding or province, through letters (to government and media), calls and meetings.


Local Issues

Your provincial, regional and local issues are best known to you.


National Issues

RVDA of Canada advocacy initiatives you can support include:

1. US Tariffs on Canadian Steel and Aluminum and Renewed NAFTA

   - The introduction of US tariffs on Canadian steel and aluminum are cause for considerable concern in our industry. RVDA has taken steps to make it clear how our industry is impacted and

     how certain reactions can create even more harm. Read more.



– emphasizing the need of the government to invest in making this beautiful, natural country a number-one RV destination, especially for RVers. Tourism is a huge part of Canada's economy.

– Notably, RVing and camping are large components of tourism, both internally (Canadian) and externally (from outside Canada).

There is a crucial need for this to be recognized by the Canadian Tourism Commission (CTC) as a viable growth area for tourism in Canada. The CTC should include particular messaging to target markets where RV rentals are being offered in Canada. Funding to the CTC must be increased in order to develop these types of strategies.

Helpful information

RVing by the numbers...

  • Number of RVs on the road in Canada: Over 1,000,000
  • Average number of travel days for RV households: 30
  • Percentage of RV families with children: 43
  • Percentage of RV owners who say it's the best way to travel with kids: 92
  • Potential savings during an RV vacation vs traditional vacations: 70
  • Percentage of RVers who feel seeing the country is a top priority: 97

With numbers like that…

Government can't deny the RV industry is worth investments!


– reminding your government representatives of the need to further invest in parks as part of Canada's natural heritage, and as destination for tourists.


– encouraging government to adopt RVDA of Canada's proposal of highway signage to indicate RV Repair facilities and RV-friendly restaurants and attractions.


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