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Professional RV Dealership Definition

With input from the provincial and regional RVDAs, the Board of the RVDA of Canada has arrived at the following guidelines of what comprises a professional RV dealership.

A Recreation Vehicle (RV) Dealership is more than a gravel lot or open field, displaying units for sale to the retail public.

A professional RV Dealership has evolved into a multifaceted facility focusing primarily on the Marketing of Recreation Vehicles products and services.


Professional Full-Service RV Dealerships encompass the following:

  • primary business operation is the marketing, for sale, of RV products and services.
  • are in operation essentially 12 months a year,
  • hold a signed Dealer Agreement for at least one new RV product line,
  • sell and service new and used rolling stock,
  • have a permanent facility which includes:

    • the company's name displayed prominently on the main building

    • a service department with service bays large enough to accommodate the largest RV intended for sale at that dealership

    • a sales lot of adequate size to display inventory properly at all times

  • maintain a Parts Inventory large enough to service the products they sell,
  • employ or have under contract a minimum of one full-time licensed RV technician,
  • hold all provincial, municipal licenses, permits or other authorizations legally required to carry business,
  • acknowledge and respect both Federal and Provincial legislation with regards to the sale of products,
  • adhere to the RVDA code of ethics which encourages members to:

    •  strive to promote the image of the industry; in the local community and on regional and provincial levels,

    •  make the greatest contribution possible to the safety and welfare of the public in the purchase of the industry's products and services,

    •  operate in an open and honest business relationship.


A Recreation Vehicle is defined as:

Recreation vehicles, or RVs, comprise a whole family of vehicles that combine transportation and temporary living quarters for recreation, camping and travel. RVs fall into three general categories:

Towables & Campers:

An RV designed to be towed or carried by a motorized vehicle (car, van or pickup truck) and of such size and weight as not to require a special highway movement permit. These RVs do not require permanent on-site hook-up.


An RV built on or as an integral part of a self-propelled motor vehicle chassis, combining transportation and living quarters in one unit.

Park Models:

RVs with complete living quarters, which are designed for only very occasional relocation and which may require a special highway movement permit. Park Models require permanent on-site hook-up.

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