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RVDA of Canada Endorsements

The RVDA of Canada Board of Directors has reviewed these products or services and has found them to be of exceptional value and recommends their use to the membership at large.

These endorsements contribute to the financial viability of your provincial / regional and national RVDAs.

To ensure you receive appropriate rates, please identify yourself as a member of the RVDA of Canada when you apply for these benefits.


iA Dealer Services



With Silent Sentinel, the ultimate anti-theft etch program, IA Dealer Services guarantees that your customer's investment will not be stolen.

If it is stolen and unrecoverable, your customer will be paid benefits in addition to their main insurance payout.

Check your member directory or member listings on this site for your provincial contact.

Web Site:

iA Dealer Services



IA Dealer Services partner, Diamond-Kote, is the leader in RV Protection.Since 1968, they have manufactured their own line of environmentally

responsible quality appearance and protection products.

Check your member directory or member listings on this site for your provincial contact.

Web Site:

iA Dealer Services



An industry leader since 1963,IA Dealer Services' RVDA of Canada-endorsed products include: creditor's group life, critical illness, accidents

& sickness, and loss of employment insurance.

Check your member directory or member listings on this site for your provincial contact.

Web Site:

iA Dealer Services

IA Dealer Services, is an industry leader in the RV extended warranty arena, offers its in-house warranty insurance program: the SAL Protection Plan (SPP).

Underwritten by Industrial Alliance Pacific General (IAPG), SPP offers a straightforward process with best-in-market coverage, providing a high quality product that will assist dealers in realizing their maximum potential.

Check your member directory or member listings on this site for your provincial contact.

Web Site:


Federated Insurance
Federated Insurance offers a valuable array of coverage,

including the following: Life Insurance, Accidental Death & Dismemberment, Dependent Life Insurance, Extended Health & Prescription Drug Coverage, Dental Coverage, and Long Term / Short Term Disability.

To discuss how the Group Employee Benefit plan can benefit you and your employees, contact:

   Western Canada: Wayne Budge at 1-800-665-1934

   Eastern Canada:  Mauro Di Tullio at 1-800-361-0790

Web Site:

Federated Insurance
Federated Insurance is providing RVDA members with direct underwriting and

sale of property and casualty insurance. In addition, the Inventory Floor Plan Advantage is available from Federated Insurance for Commercial Distribution Finance (CDF) customers. The 80-year-plus history of marketing to Associations has always included the Federated Insurance commitment to wins for both the Association and the individual member company. Federated Insurance is proud of their partnership with RVDA of Canada, including the many valued relationships with regional / provincial RVDAs and their dealers.

Burnaby, BC:
Edmonton, AB:
Calgary, AB:
Regina/Saskatoon, SK:
Winnipeg, MB:
London, ON:
Mississauga, ON:
Laval, QC:
Atlantic Region:

Web Site:

The Spader Companies

RVDA / Spader 20 Groups, managed by the Spader Companies, help dealers improve management skills, recognize market trends and solve problems.

1-800-772-3377 (US and Canada)

Wells Fargo Commercial Distribution Finance

Wells Fargo Commercial Distribution Finance (CDF) is a global inventory financing solutions provider with more than 45 years of expertise in the RV industry

Wells Fargo CDF delivers inventory financing solutions, service, and intelligence through in-depth expertise and a commitment to customers. In 2016, globally CDF reported $46 billion in annual financing and 6.5 million invoices.


For more information please visit our website or contact:


  Carlos Lobo: (905) 361-3837

                cell: (416) 573-1520




Baseline Processing

Baseline Processing provides payment solutions and expertise to more than 1,000 merchants across North America.

With their large network of processors and industry leading technology for every payment environment, Baseline can meet your needs with aggressive rates that are easy to understand.


Their commitment to Cost-Plus pricing means complete transparency and significant savings for merchants of all sizes. No teaser rates. No hidden fees. No cancellation fees. Just Baseline’s exceptional service and dedication to building long-term relationships.


Ask about unique solutions for B2B recurring billing and about upcoming rate decreases for the Canadian Travel and Entertainment Industry.


For more information please visit our website or contact:


Tom Bremner: ((604) 606-7950



Stealth Wi-Fi- Sytem

Stealth Wi-Fi system is a powerful receiver operating on its own private network. This means an end to net traffic, using Wi-Fi hotspots on your mobile device and expensive  data coverages,all while providing a service with an

80% stronger signal over using a cellular device to get online. Also of important note is that the unit will not slow down with multiple users.

Stealth Enterprise’s after-market portable Wi-Fi products to its slate of endorsed products. RVDA of Canada members will now be able to provide high-quality, portable Wi-Fi products to their customers.


To discuss the program, please contact:


Dave Zadkovich  at 416-902-1218





ReachLocal Canada, Inc.

ReachLocal Canada, Inc. a global company, is an online marketing and advertising 

solution provider for small, medium, and large businesses, creating advertising to consumers in local markets.

ReachLocal will assist dealers in getting more leads and building their brand by advertising to local consumers as they use search engines, surf top sites on the web, and spend time on social media sites. From search engine to display to socialmedia advertising, their solutions willget dealersreal results. With ReachLocal, dealers can have all of their digital marketing under one roof, backed by a team of industry experts.


To discuss the program, please contact:


Frank Kendic at (416) 380-2900 X 106





PURIFYD® is an innovative subscription-like, health protection service that will eliminate, on an ongoing basis,

the biological pathogen and environmental contaminant build-up that occurs in confined spaces like recreation vehicles. The simple end result will be keeping RV consumers healthy so that they can continue to enjoy the lifestyle. 


The PURIFYD® service completely eliminates - on contact - viruses, bacteria, toxic molds & spores, allergens, numerous chemical contaminants (including odor causing organic compounds), and biting insects so that dealers can offer a unique solution to add peace of mind to their consumers.   PURIFYD® will help improve the relationship between dealers and their customers over the life of the vehicle usage.


To discuss the program, please contact:


Stephen Dunn at (604) 230-5175




Cambridge Global Payments is one of the world’s largest non-banking providers of foreign exchange and International payment solutions. 

For over 25 years, Cambridge has delivered and continues to provide innovative solutions designed to mitigate foreign exchange exposure and address unique business needs. Our award-winning capabilities and industry-leading technologies simplify the way businesses connect with the global marketplace.


Cambridge Global Payments has more than 13,000 clients worldwide, nearly 500 employees and transacts over $40 billion annually while ensuring over 1.6 million wires are successfully delivered a year. Cambridge Global Payments will help customers implement global payment and currency risk management solutions. 


To discuss the program, please contact:


Aaron Young

National Acount Manager

Phone #: (416) 646-6385 cel: (647) 642-8355






“KYCS Global’s state of the art Bluetooth theft recovery solution creates peace of mind for your customers. The anonymous KYCS network

works in partnership with Crime Stoppers to assist in the recovery of RV or trailer theft.


KYCS(Keep Your Community Safe), offers long range Bluetooth identification technology that aids in the recovery of stolen or missing high value assets, such as RVs and trailers.  The company’s flagship solution includes Bluetooth devices (KYCS Pro & GLOBAL iFind) sold exclusively at dealerships. With seamless installation, the KYCS Pro/GLOBAL iFind device is covertly hidden in RVs & trailers and paired with the free KYCS smartphone app.  Participating dealers get a KYCS Zone installed at the dealership which helps to enhance the network.


To discuss the program, please contact:


Jason Lyall at (289) 230-1833,






DT Tire and Atlas Tire Wholesale

DT Tire and Atlas Tire Wholesale are prominent figures in Canada’s independent tire distribution market. They offer services exclusively to dealers and with more

They offer services exclusively to dealers and with morethan 25 warehouses across Canada, they are able to service a broad area and ensure several deliveries daily.


DT Tire and Atlas Tire Wholesale are committed to offering services tailored to their clients’ unique needs. They are an efficient provider with customized solutions.


To discuss the program, please contact:


Riley Johnson at (250) 859-2177,        


(ONT)Atlas Tire:

  DT Tire:




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