Economic Impact Of The Canadian Recreation Vehicle Industry (2023)


The 2023 Economic Impact of the Canadian Recreation Vehicle Industry reveals the significant role of Recreation Vehicles (RVs) in the Canadian economy. With an estimated 104,200 jobs and $12.0 billion in added value to the economy in 2022, the RV sector's impact extends from manufacturing and sales to post-purchase expenditures, particularly in RV ownership and tourism-related activities. Approximately 2.1 million Canadian households, constituting 14% of the population, own an RV, contributing to an impressive 6.3 million RV trips and $10.3 billion in spending in 2022.

Expanding its focus, the study also explores the camping sector, finding that it generated 83,600 jobs and added $9.8 billion in value to the economy. Camping trips account for 84% of the sector's impact, with 4.4 million Canadian households participating in overnight camping trips in 2022, resulting in 93.3 million person trip nights and an initial spending of $9.8 billion. Together, the combined impact of the RV industry and camping sector amounts to 141,400 jobs and $16.2 billion in added value, highlighting their intertwined significance in contributing to the Canadian economy.

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