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What is the RVDA of Canada?

Mission Statement

The RVDA of Canada is a national federation which exists to protect and promote the interests and welfare of RV Dealers across Canada in order to enable the industry to maximize its potential.


The core objective of the RVDA of Canada is to bring together and represent the retail businesses involved in the recreation vehicle industry across Canada, thus providing the support and strength to protect and promote the interests and welfare of Canadian RV Dealers, and to maximize the potential of the industry for all involved. Read more...

Message from the RVDA of Canada Chairman of the Board

August / September 2017



Dear Members,

Each summer while our dealers are busily assisting consumers in fulfilling their RV lifestyle dream, the RVDA of Canada continues to work on numerous strategies to assist our members in maximizing their potential. 


One of these endeavours is ensuring that we participate in the House of Commons Standing Committee on Finance pre-budget consultations process for the year.  Consistent with last year’s theme of economic growth, and believing that more productive people and more productive and competitive businesses can lead to enhanced growth and prosperity, the Committee was interested in receiving submissions on the topic of productivity and competitiveness.  We made sure to address these subjects in our submission. 


This year, we focused on 2 areas of interest.  The first, being the request for increased support for skilled workers in the RV industry.  Due to the geographic constraints of the existing training programs, the Government of Canada should create an Apprenticeship Travel Grant that could be used by those who are required to travel in order to undertake an apprenticeship training program. This Grant should be targeted towards those enrolled in programs that are not offered in their city, town or province. This Grant should be a taxable cash grant of $2,000-$4,000 per person per year in order to provide support for such items as travel costs, lodging, and care arrangements for families.


The RVDA of Canada was also excited to see that the Government took a new approach to tourism throughout the country. Tourism is Canada’s largest service export and represents more than 2% of Canadian GDP. The Canadian Government has recognized that tourism not only creates jobs and opportunities for the middle class, but also serves as an important employer for both youth and newcomers.


The RVDA strongly believes that RVing is an accessible and enriching form of Canadian tourism.  Therefore our second ask was that the Government of Canada should provide targeted and dedicated investment in camping/RV infrastructure in Canada’s National Parks. Investing in camping/RV infrastructure will play a critical role in the overall contributions of the tourism industry to future economic development and prosperity. We need to ensure that current parks can accommodate the RVs of today. 


Earlier this summer, the RVDA of Canada awarded $12,500 in bursaries to RVDA RV Service Technicians across Canada.  The bursaries, sponsored by NTP-Stag Canada, valued at $1000 and $1500, were created to recognize outstanding achievements by students with serious interest and desire to succeed in the RV industry.  We would like to thank all of the applicants for their submissions and while there were more applicants than bursaries awarded, we would like to encourage all RV Techs to continue investing in their education. 


There will be continuing education being offered this fall in Burlington for RV Service Technicians.  The 2017 Trouble Shooter Clinic will be running the week of December 11th with three, different, 5-day schedules to choose from. All classes will be held concurrently and we have arranged for a motorhome and trailer for the hands-on portion of Spyder Controls electrical systems and for towing & hitches.  Please contact the RVDA of Canada office for registration details. 

All the best,



Sam Parks, Chairman of the Board

RVDA of Canada



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